Pawel F. Przytycki

I am a Bioinformatics Fellow in Dr. Katie Pollard's lab at the Gladstone Institutes at UCSF. The focus of my research is investigating the regulatory effects of noncoding variants in neurological development and diseases.

Prior to that I was a PhD student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in Dr. Mona Singh's lab in the Department of Computer Science at Princeton University based in the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics. My research there focused on the use of algorithms and networks for cancer genomics. Before that I was an I.I. Rabi Science Scholar as an undergraduate student at Columbia University.


A transcriptional switch governs fibroblast activation in heart disease

M Alexanian, PF Przytycki+, R Micheletti, A Padmanabhan, L Ye, JG Travers, BG Teran, AC Silva, Q Duan, SS Ranade, F Felix, R Linares-Saldana, L Li, CY Lee, N Sadagopan, Y Huang, G Andreoletti, R Jain, TA McKinsey, MG Rosenfeld, C Gifford, KS Pollard, SM Haldar, and D Srivastava (+computational lead)
Nature (2021)

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CellWalker integrates single-cell and bulk data to resolve regulatory elements across cell types in complex tissues

PF Przytycki and KS Pollard
Genome Biology (2020)

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A Chromatin Accessibility Atlas of the Developing Human Telencephalon

E Markenscoff-Papadimitriou, S Whalen, P Przytycki, R Thomas, F Binyameen, TJ Nowakowski, SJ Sanders, MW State, KS Pollard, and JL Rubenstein
Cell (2020)

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Differential Allele-Specific Expression Uncovers Breast Cancer Genes Dysregulated by Cis Noncoding Mutations

PF Przytycki and M Singh
Cell Systems (2020)

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Differential analysis between somatic mutation and germline variation profiles reveals cancer-related genes

PF Przytycki and M Singh
Genome Medicine (2017)

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SimBoolNet - a Cytoscape plugin for dynamic simulation of signaling networks

J Zheng, D Zhang, PF Przytycki, R Zielinski, J Capala, and TM Przytycka
Bioinformatics (2010)

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The crosstalk between EGF, IGF, and Insulin cell signaling pathways - computational and experimental analysis

R Zielinski*, PF Przytycki*, J Zheng, D Zhang, TM Przytycka, and J Capala (*equal contribution)
BMC Systems Biology (2009)

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Guest Lecturer for BMI 206 Statistical Methods for Bioinformatics at UCSF (2020)

Assistant Instructor for COS 126 General Computer Science at Princeton University (Fall 2012 and selected for two sessions in Spring 2013)

Instructor for MAT033 Pre-Algebra, MAT037 Beginning Algebra, and MAT135 Intermediate/College Algebra at the Princeton Prison Teaching Initiative (2013-2015)

Other Projects

I have been an active participant of HackPrinceton. Two of the projects I worked on were "What Would I Say" which has had millions of users (read about it in The New Yorker) and "Bad Luck or Just Suck" which has had tens of thousands of users.

I also enjoy projecting bouldering problems.